You can finally be the center of atttention when you appear immortalized in a painting. Here's how it works. Tell us what you kind of image you want (ie. you, your mom, your dog, whatever). Then we have a little photo shoot where we take several reference photos and compose an image. Please keep in mind that if you are looking for some cliche Thomas Kinkade "Hotel Painting" you are probably asking the wrong person. We also understand that not everyone is not fortunate enough to live in the beautiful city of Seattle, where the Galactic Boutique corporate offices are based. But we'll just have to jump off that bridge when we come to it. Once a desired compostion is formed, we begin to work our magic. Since each painting is special, estimated times of completion my vary. Depending on size and complexity of subject, it generally takes about 2-3 weeks.

8 x 10 - $ 300 - 400
11 x 14 - $ 400 - 500
16 x 20 - $ 500 - 600
any larger - $ 700 - the sky is the limit

We understand this is a considerable amount of money. But with the GB payment plan, you can pay with monthly installments. You simply have to ask yourself: are you worth it?

Special Orders:
Many GB merchandise can be color customized to fit any of your specific design needs. Just look for the "custom" icon next to the product. Special orders usually take 4-6 weeks and require a 25% deposit. Depending on the size of the order, estimated times of completion may vary.

Return and Exchange Policy:
Nothing would make us happier than knowing you are excited about your purchase. However if you this is not the case, we will graciously accept any returns or exchanges on unwashed/unworn apparel or undamaged home accessory within 7 days with in store original reciept and 14 days with an online receipt.. Due to their special uniqueness, returned custom orders and commissions we be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

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